52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Omega Man by the Police

A forgotten song from the Ghost in the Machine Album – but probably my favorite song by the Police.  At the time they released Ghost in the Machine the Police were at the beginning of their super-stardom, which would be confirmed when they released the massively successful Synchronicity album.

Omega Man is a short, driving song and it always made me wonder how Stuart Copeland could maintain that drumming pace.   The story of the song is straight out of a Charleton Heston movie – The Omega Man.  Based on a great book “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson (you may have seen the Will Smith film of that name).

Heston is the last man – battling a bizarre cult of vampires.

Omega Man the song is even better than that classic (and somewhat cheesy) film.

I’ll be shocked if you don’t love this song:

-cj cheetham


Check out the trailer for Charleton Heston in the Omega Man

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