We are all going to die! Govt spending is going down 2%!

Seriously, I am sitting here trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and I am reviewing the predicted impacts of a 2% cut in the federal budget.  Listening to the political leadership (and their friends in the media) cutting TWO cents out of every dollar spent will:

-Destroy education leaving millions of children wandering the streets starving because they haven’t had a school lunch in days

– Leave our military so decimated that we will be forced to surrender to Sri Lanka by the first of May

– Result in all law enforcement being laid off, leaving citizens to band together, “Mad Max Style”, to form armed bands of hunter gatherers to go grocery shopping (thank goodness we still have guns!)

– Eliminate all TSA screeners (why is this bad?)

Yes, a TWO percent cut in spending is about to do what the Mayan Calendar never could – namely, it is going to destroy society.  There will be mayhem in the streets.  We will be forced to eat tainted beef (no inspectors) while our children sit idle and mute (no teachers) and Grandma, seized by a heart attack,  convulses on the living room floor without help (no first responders).  Our banks will collapse, the temperature will go up, zoo animals will run wild, and let’s face it we are all going to die.


Stop and ask yourself this question:  If a TWO percent cut in government spending is going to result in wholesale layoffs, military collapse, starvation, and pestilence – what exactly is the government doing with the other 98% of the money that is NOT getting cut?

Can you imagine a private enterprise pulling this with the shareholders? 

Picture yourself at a board meeting for Apple.  The board says – “we need to cut operating expenses by 2% this year.”

The CEO, fresh from a 900,000 dollar golf vacation,  looks at the team and says, “well if we cut 2% from the budget we will not be able to make iPods, Computers, iPads or iPhones.  I think I can keep the iTunes division up and running but we will have to dramatically cut the music offered – all we’ll be able to offer is South American Folk music.”

I’m pretty sure no one at Apple would believe that guy.

-cj cheetham





52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Omega Man by the Police

A forgotten song from the Ghost in the Machine Album – but probably my favorite song by the Police.  At the time they released Ghost in the Machine the Police were at the beginning of their super-stardom, which would be confirmed when they released the massively successful Synchronicity album.

Omega Man is a short, driving song and it always made me wonder how Stuart Copeland could maintain that drumming pace.   The story of the song is straight out of a Charleton Heston movie – The Omega Man.  Based on a great book “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson (you may have seen the Will Smith film of that name).

Heston is the last man – battling a bizarre cult of vampires.

Omega Man the song is even better than that classic (and somewhat cheesy) film.

I’ll be shocked if you don’t love this song:

-cj cheetham


Check out the trailer for Charleton Heston in the Omega Man

52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Week 47 – See the Lights by Simple Minds

I’m in a broken dream I stare out into space
You know I called you up cos nothing takes your place
I’ve got a heart of stone and it’s sinking deep inside
I want to tell you love I’m too proud to cry

Simple Minds literally has it all – great musicians, a strong guitarists, huge production, chorale singers – and Jim Kerr’s booming vocals.

They continue to record – and word has it they will tour America in the coming years and play their greatest hits.  They had many hits in the UK and the USA – but of course are best remembered for Don’t You Forget About Me.  A fine song – but there are many others I like better – and this is one of them.

52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Is it Really So Strange? by the Smiths

Week 46

The Smiths – despite a relatively small body of work, remain one of the most influential and critically acclaimed bands on the 1980s.  Morrissey’s lyrics are perfectly complimented by the amazing guitar talent of Johnny Marr.

The Smith’s are of course known for being eternally gloomy – an unfair characterization in my opinion.  While they certainly take life seriously – the music is energetic and ultimately fun.

So, just in time for Valentine’s Day – it’s a sort of love song by one of my favorite bands.

Oh yes, you can kick me

And you can punch me

And you can break my face

But you won’t change the way I feel

‘Cause I love you

See what I mean?  That’s serious and funny at the same time.

-cj cheetham

52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Week 45 – Pounding by Doves

Doves is an overlooked band in America.  Formed by 3 guys who met in highschool way back in 1985; they released their first album Lost Souls in 1991.

However, it was their second abum, The Last Broadcast that reached #1 on the UK charts.  While the first single (There Goes the Fear) from that tremendous album was higher in the charts; I’ve always preferred this second single, Pounding.

It’s a song that starts strong and everytime you think it can’t get any stronger it does.

The Last Broadcast is defnintely an album you should check out – although I’d argue that all 4 Doves albums are worth having in your library – or you can pick up their greatest hits.  This band is extremely consistent in recording great music.

-cj cheetham