I remember laughing until I

wept; and my sides hurt,

then my heart ached


The great athlete, undersized

Ice hockey scrapper who

Would beat the hell out of

You on a basketball court

Behind the junior high, shouting

“let’s go big boy!”


His lower lip bulging,

In full concentration

While he threw a

Wiffle ball as though

Our lives depended on it


The decent guy taking care

Of mentally challenged kids over

At Cardinal Cushing

Bruised arms and shoulders his



The good friend who visited

Mom, while I was at war;

And when it was over he waved a flag

When I came home


The funny bastard who secretly

Drank virgin Mai Tais

Urging me to keep up,

Until I threw up


At West Island college

Party madness, he coldly

Grabbed a bottle and

Insisted he would eat the

Worm; only to lay down,

Incoherent in a crowded room


More interesting than he ever

Got credit for; always

Reading, discussing politics

And arguing sports until dawn


The bad influence who

Insisted we could drive

From North Adams at 2 am

When we had no business,

We changed a tire

On the Mass Pike with a

State Trooper; and it was

Fun; because we made it


The man who loved Christmas

A gift-giver and a visitor

Who liked to watch Rankin-Bass

And yes, he cried at the end

of A Wonderful Life


The Patriot who embraced America

Star-Spangled love affair

With 4th of July bursts of

Light, chomping a cigar

And no time for anyone not

Red, White, and Blue


The late bloomer, like me

After everyone had gone

He kept me hopeful, when the world passed me by –

We found another world


That world where Jim Morrison

Was always singing

And Friday night was always



That world where friends

Gathered to listen to

Each other and laugh in

The face of any agony


A world of home runs,

Of family hope, that dashed

Any thoughts other than joy;

Of Red Sox dreams and

Laughter, always laughter


Then, he went away with

A heart too big to beat


Taking unspoken conversations

With him; except in dreams

I am still with him,

And we drink cold beer and

Solve all of, and none of

The world’s problems


Everything wrong is right again

Powder Point day of

Endless sunshine and this

Day will never end

Until he stands up and

Must be going, alone


“But Chaz, I promise

I’ll see you tomorrow”


Copyright © 2021 cjcheetham

Sean “Bucky” Keane was the dearest of friends and we lost him 16 years ago. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t think of him. the memories he left me with I cherish. I am so very thankful to have known him. I will never fully get over the loss of this great man. i tried for years to write an essay or story about him – but all I could muster was this stream of consciousness poem. I loved the guy.