52 Songs for 52 Weeks: Didn’t I? by Thin Lizzy

There was a time (before the advent of U2) when people would ask “Name a great Rock band from Ireland?” and the only possible answer was Thin Lizzy.

In fact, when you are talking about great traditional rock bands – Thin Lizzy should alwyas be in the conversation.  Led by the charismatic Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy somehow managed to create some of the best high-octane, American-sounding rock and roll in music history.

Lynott wrote great lyrics, about common men, heartache, and brawling.

Thin Lizzy is best known for The Boys are Back in Town off of their legendary Jailbreak album.  But I always prefer when Lynott quiets the band down as he does here on Didn’t I?  A great and sad song from the album Chinatown (1980).

-cj cheetham


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