52 Songs for 52 Weeks: My Favourite Time of Year by the Florin Street Band

I love Christmas Music.  And you can’t go wrong with the classic songs sung by Sinatra, Torme, and Crosby.

Usually if a current singer or band sings a Christmas song, I want them to stay with the classics and not mess with the arrangements too much.   When modern artists try to write new Christmas songs – let’s face it – they are usually pitiful tunes.  It’s almost always a song about cold weather and missing “my baby” – or something along those lines.

Maybe its because today’s musicians are disconnected from Christmas?

Well, here’s a FANTASTIC Christmas song composed and recorded in 2010.  The Florin Street Band, led by composer Leigh Haggerwood, made a decision to write and record a new “great” Christmas song.  And the imagined Victorian England while they were writing it.

Of course – he got no music industry backing.  So he cobbled together local musicians, choirs, and singers and created a beautiful Christmas song that you MUST hear!  It is just a great tune, folks.

The video is also incredibly well done.  Here’s a musical Christmas card for you!


-cj cheetham

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