52 Songs for 52 Weeks: The National Front Disco by Morrissey

Week 31

There’s a country,
You don’t live there,
But one day you would like to.

Morrissey, the former lead singer of the Smiths is a controversial guy and this song was one of his most controversial.  The UK press literally freaked out over this song because on the surface, it seems sympathetic to the UK National Front, an ultra-nationalist political movement in England.  That’s a shame that the press did that because this is one of the best songs Morrissey has recorded in his post-Smiths career.

Here’s Morrissey’s take on the subject:

“The reason why ‘The National Front Disco’ was pounced upon was really because – if I may say so – it was actually a very good song. And if the song had been utter crap, no one would have cared. I was stopped by many many journalists who obviously raised the topic in an accusatory way, and I would say to them, Please, now, list the lines in the song which you feel are racist and dangerous and hateful. And they couldn’t. Nobody ever ever could, and that irked me.”

You tell me.  I say it is a great song.

-cj cheetham

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